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The Cobb School, Montessori

Alumni & Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials 

“Having three boys has proven to us that children are who they are, each with different personalities and needs. So many educational institutions claim to educate the whole child but philosophy and pedagogy aren’t always aligned to achieve this. Cobb not only educates the whole child, the school fosters a Montessori environment that celebrates individuality and enables children to explore, learn, and grow into individuals with purpose and passion. The beauty is that this differs for every child and every child finds their way at Cobb. We continually say that the educational foundation our children received here continues to be the very best gift we could have ever provided them. An added but important bonus for our family is that the Cobb community is a group of like-minded families. Parenthood is rewarding and challenging – to have this built in support system is not only incredibly special but most unique. Simply put, Cobb was, is, and will always be ingrained in the fiber of our family.”

~ Windy Jansen (past parent)


“It is a rare to find a school that does more than educate your children. In Cobb we found a partner in raising our three children with values we treasure- kindness, perseverance, and love of learning.  Our daughter and sons flourished at Cobb and the excellent education they received gave them the foundation to thrive thereafter. We will be forever grateful.”
~ Tracy Smith & Dan Joseph (past parent)


“We have five children, three girls and two boys. All of them attended the Cobb School. Though they were all so different from the beginning with respect to temperament, interests, etc, they all left the Cobb School with a true passion for learning and the self confidence to believe they could achieve anything they set their minds to. Equally important, the compassion and kindness they learned to show towards others were so deeply instilled.”
~ Rai Reyes (past parent)


“The Cobb School will always remain near and dear to my heart. All three of my children attended, each one having one of the best early educational experiences that one could possibly imagine. From the pre-school programs my children learned the most important life skills that they still utilize in their daily lives as college students and high school. Ever day they explored how to feel in touch with their best selves while enjoying the fundamentals of learning in the inimitable Montessori method. From the Young Children’s Community my toddlers took their first leap out of the home and into a safe, creative and loving community. There they enjoyed the company of others and experienced the tried and true Montessori approach to creating an atmosphere of learning, joy, and pure kindness blanketed with calm. My kids had the most wonderful school experience of a lifetime and stayed for many years. No school could ever compare to Cobb School and I am so very grateful to Mary Lou Cobb, Marisa Gallagher, Rosemary Zikos and countless others who made their early childhood so memorable. I’m sure that my children’s current deeply creative endeavors in art, theatre, academics and music are directly related to their early development at Cobb School.” 
Anna Zuckerman-Vdovenko (past parent)