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Independent Schools – Are They Worth It?

Independent schools are expensive. And many parents have to ask themselves, Are they worth it? Douglas J. Lyons, Ed.D. Executive Director, Connecticut Association of Independent Schools, says most definitely yes. In his CT Magazine article, Lyons discusses the educational “return on investment” having far more power if spent in the early years. Student discovers a love of learning when they are young. So why choose an independent school over public?

First, independent schools are mission-driven, founded and sustained by people who believe in the values and standards of the community and who respect (actually, revere) the professionals who design and deliver the instructional program. This model has distinct, long-lasting advantages for students over the increasingly standardized, compliance-driven model that characterizes public education in the No Child Left Behind / Common Core era.

Second, the world is changing and the concept of “smart” is also changing. The old definition of smart is based on facts. Smart people knew more information/stuff. The new definition takes into account that information is now at our fingertips. New Smart says “Define yourself by the quality of your thinking, listening, relating and collaborating with others.” New Smart is broadly and widely cultivated on independent school campuses. It inspires interest, passion and meaning in the school experience — for both teachers and students. New Smart may be the single most compelling differentiator between independent and public schools in Connecticut.

Click HERE to read CT Magazine‘s “Independent Schools Are Expensive. Are they worth it?” full article.

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