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The Cobb School, Montessori

Downright Music and Cobb Come Together

As owner of Downright Music in Collinsville, Andrew Decker has been teaching music for 15 years. Several students have been from Cobb, and through them he’s come to understand the Montessori philosophy and this unique school community. Today he teaches two days a week at The Cobb School, and if he didn’t know before, he certainly knows now that his approach to teaching music is akin to Montessori.

Andrew said, “The Montessori method allows a certain freedom that focuses on what the student wants to learn.” Andrew called it a “compromise” between teacher and student. He explained how he uses a similar approach when teaching music and has seen great success by following the student’s lead and discovering what he or she wants to learn, not just what he wants the student to know. Andrew continued, “Once there’s a compromise it’s easier to sneak in the fundamentals of music and then we all enjoy learning.”

Mary Lou Cobb acknowledged, “Andrew is my kind of person!” She said, “He has a wonderful way of putting students at ease and bringing out the musician in everyone.”

Andrew is looking forward to showing Cobb’s students everything he knows about music. “Music is so important for children and their development. It is a great way to express themselves.” Andrew is thrilled to be teaching at The Cobb School and the community is thrilled to have him.

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