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Vipin Thekk – Guest Speaker

Parents as Change Agents

Join us for an empowering discussion on parenting children who will thrive and make a difference in the world.

Thursday, October 25 | 6:00pm
The Cobb School, The Great Hall

Our children live in a world that is rapidly changing. Sixty percent of tomorrows jobs do not exist today. Social problems are outnumbering the solutions. In a world where change is the only constant – children need to practice changemaking. Families play a crucial role in making this happen.

It is up to parents to ensure that their children and loved ones develop these skills. In this new world where change is the only constant, in order to thrive, children need to master these four skills:

  • Cognitive Empathy – Ability to recognize accurately and understand another’s emotional state and use that understanding to influence your actions.
  • Teamwork – Ability to work effectively with peers from around the world & across different specializations.
  • New Leadership – The ability to collaboratively mobilize people in situations defined by change.
  • Changemaking – Ability to analyze problems & implement solutions.

Help support your child to become a powerful change maker.

This event is FREE and open to the public. Space is limited.


Guest Speaker: Vipin Thekk is a Senior Director at Ashoka and a social entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Changemaker Communities initiative, which is designed to activate a whole ecosystem of stakeholders around supporting the next generation of changemakers in their community. The focus of his work is on school districts, non-profits, businesses, faith institutions, schools, and universities, to create a culture of innovation and empathy within and across their institutions.

Vipin specializes in designing experiences for individual and collective transformation. He has led initiatives integrating changemaking into the mindset, systems, and culture of school districts, communities, faith institutions, and families. He also co-founded the Wellbeing Project, an initiative to support social entrepreneurs in cultivating personal and professional wellbeing. Vipin has a Masters in Social Work and is an Integral Life Coach, a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and an experienced facilitator, having led transformation-based work for communities around the world.


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