Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence
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Cobb School Montessori is an independent non-profit school educating children ages 15 months to 12 years. Nestled in the heart of the Farmington Valley on a beautiful 6-acre campus, Cobb provides a safe nurturing environment for children to meet their full potential.

Cobb's Academic Programs

Each of our academic programs is based on the principles of Montessori philosophy to give children what they need at their different stages of development. Our students grow into confident, independent, socially aware learners ready to make a difference in the world. Click on a program below to learn more or schedule a tour.

In his own words

"At the start, school was challenging for me because I am dyslexic. I had to learn the very basics of reading which wasn’t very interesting and it took longer than I wanted. However, all the work I did helped build my foundation, and Cobb allowed me some space to take what I was learning and apply it in a more meaningful way. I now find the things that I used to find tedious, like reading, enjoyable.

I also learned how to manage big projects that used to overwhelm me. The freedom at Cobb to step away from something and take a break has been very useful in managing stress. I want to thank the Cobb School, my teachers, my friends, and my family for creating an environment that finally made learning fun for me."
- Dillon, 6th year graduate

About the Cobb Community

Cobb is more than a school, we’re a united community that together celebrates achievements, supports one another during difficult times, and gathers in friendship throughout the year. Join us in shaping the future, nurturing a sense of belonging, and creating an enduring legacy of educational excellence at Cobb School.

Parent Association

Parent volunteers organizing events and fundraisers for Cobb.

Cobb School Parent Association

Alumni Association

A community network for all former Cobb students to connect.

Cobb School Alumni Association

Friends Association

A network for former parents, grandparents, staff, and friends.

Friends of Cobb School of Association

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