Message From the Head of School

I am thrilled to share with you an important milestone in our school’s history: the celebration of our 50th year! Since our humble beginnings in 1974, Cobb School Montessori has grown and thrived, remaining steadfast in our commitment to providing an authentic Montessori education and recognizing the immense value of community in a child’s development.

Montessori pedagogy is a timeless and leading educational approach, rooted in the understanding that children are naturally curious about the world and driven towards work in pursuit of independence and self-construction. As adults, it is our role to prepare their environment, enabling their independence and guiding them with patience and support. We strive to provide rich experiences and knowledge that satisfy their natural thirst for learning, offering a rigorous and holistic curriculum.

When you step into our school, you will witness our children fully immersed in activities of their choosing, working independently. Our youngest students might be found preparing a meal, sewing a pillow, writing in beautiful cursive, exploring the map of Asia, or carefully skip-counting from 6 to 216. Lower elementary students can be seen collaborating on big projects or timelines of the world, solving complex division problems, crafting poetry, experimenting with the states of matter, or intently studying the intricate parts of a flower. Our elders in the upper elementary may be composing a song, making an artful poster about the carbon cycle, analyzing Greek and Latin roots, finding the square root of 53,361, or working on a community service project.

As you explore further, you may witness heartwarming scenes of older children compassionately guiding younger ones. A 9-year-old might be found reading to a 4-year-old, while a 12-year-old pushes a toddler on a swing. Our school is a vibrant community where everyone is respected for who they are, encouraged to share their strengths, and dedicated to supporting one another.

The goal of Montessori education extends beyond acquiring knowledge; it is about understanding the interconnectedness and inner workings of the world, fostering respect for it, and finding one’s place within it. This education unlocks the full potential of the individual while nurturing them to be responsible members of the community and stewards of the Earth.

Bringing this holistic education to each child requires a village of thoughtful and knowledgeable educators as well as caring families. Our incredible staff at Cobb School works tirelessly and finds inspiration in the children every day, affirming their unwavering belief in Montessori pedagogy. Additionally, we are truly blessed to have an extended community of families who respect, celebrate, and support one another.

It is both my pleasure and honor to lead Cobb School Montessori during this milestone year, celebrating the invaluable role it has played in the lives of countless children, teachers, and families. I extend a warm invitation to all of you to visit us and experience firsthand the unique and nurturing environment that defines Cobb School Montessori.


Subha Sankaran
Head of School

Subha Sankaran became Cobb School Montessori’s third Head of School in July 2023. With over 12 years of experience teaching in various Montessori settings, Subha has a diverse background spanning Toddler, Primary, Lower, and Upper Elementary levels. Her journey began with a successful career in finance as a Chartered Accountant and consultant for Ernst and Young. However, her true calling emerged when she discovered Montessori education for her own child 15 years ago. Since then, Subha has been wholeheartedly dedicated to the Montessori philosophy. She has held roles as a Primary guide, Toddler guide, Assistant, Lead Guide in Lower and Upper Elementary, and Division Head of the Elementary program. Throughout her tenure, she has actively collaborated with teams to enhance the curriculum, including spearheading the Montessori Model United Nations program. Subha strongly believes in Montessori’s ability to guide children in discovering their unique potential and purpose, while fostering a deep understanding of community and the interconnectedness of the world. With her unwavering commitment to supporting teachers, staff, and families, Subha is eager to lead Cobb School Montessori into an exciting new chapter.