Our Board

The Board of Trustees serve as custodians of the integrity of the school, holding in trust the school’s future as well as its present. The Board is responsible for establishing, implementing, and reviewing the policies that support the mission and the vision of the school and to ensure the school’s fiscal stability. The collective judgment respects the interests of the community’s constituents and serve as ambassadors for the school community.

Trustees of Cobb School Montessori 2022-2023

Mary Anne Creto – Chair

Michelle Creed – Vice Chair

Tom Miller – Secretary

Brian Sullivan – Treasurer

Sue Angelides – ex officio

Newell Grant

Jennifer Kulicki

Steve McAlpine

Laura Radmore

Brigitte Richter

Iain Sorrell

Yvette Standberry

Jennifer Torres

Helen Thomas

Emily van Gemeren

Perry Wasserbauer





Cobb School Montessori is a non-profit 501c3 corporation, formed under the laws of the State of Connecticut “Non-Profit Corporation Act.” All monies received by the corporation are used to support the school, with the Board of Trustees receiving no salaries for their services.