Support Services

A Cobb School Montessori education provides a supportive and nurturing environment for children with many different abilities and learning styles. This includes highly gifted students and children with special needs, including learning differences in reading, writing, spelling and math.

The child-centered, open ended curriculum is flexible and is well suited for students with various abilities. Children learn in multi-aged classes and remain in the same room for three years. This creates a stable and predictable environment allowing children to grow socially, emotionally, and academically.

The Montessori trained teachers at Cobb School Montessori individualize and tailor their instruction for all students. The students work at their own pace, avoiding comparison and avoiding any sense of competition. For students who are highly gifted, the curriculum offers the flexibility of advancing independently, giving this student many academic opportunities for deep exploration, problem solving and critical thinking.

The Cobb School Montessori Student Services program provides the needed infrastructure and support for students with learning differences, ensuring that these learning needs are met. Our two Student Services Coordinators help identify, assess, and facilitate any additional support a student may need. They work directly with the teachers and any outside service providers to create a plan of strategies and accommodations to best support the child’s unique needs.