“Cobb School nurtures our children. Cobb follows and leads them, in equal parts, to discover the very best, the most, and the deepest that each of them can be within the walls of their classrooms and in the world. It does not end there. Cobb provides for our family too; a base, a place, a structure, and the freedom to explore and grow together.”

– Jacob Studenroth
Current Lower Elementary & Primary Parent


Before 2020, we never imagined raising our children during a global pandemic. The health, safety, and education of our children have always been our priorities, but those words became threatened, and our lives forever changed with the emergence of COVID-19. We experienced an unplanned, extended school shutdown, virtual Montessori education, losing multiple family members to the virus, and no cure as we approached the 2020-2021 school year. We faced a challenging decision: send our children back into the classroom for the new school year or keep them home.

Throughout the entire experience, every single administrator, educator, and staff member demonstrated top-notch, unmatched professionalism, dedication, grace, kindness, and genuine love. There were detailed emails that kept us informed of the ever-changing situation regarding guidelines for school opening. Zoom meetings were held detailing plans for the new school year, including the many ways Cobb School went above and beyond meeting, requirements to keep our children healthy and safe in the building. We were blown away by the diligent, detailed, and extensive preparation demonstrated by the extraordinary Ms. Sue and the entire Cobb School staff. Without hesitation on our part, our children returned to the classroom as soon as the physical doors reopened. The Cobb School Montessori is our children’s home away from home, the community, truly part of their extended family. We are incredibly grateful for our family’s experience and eagerly look forward to many more years at Cobb!

– Heather and Shanon Merriman
Current Lower Elementary Parents


“When I think about what The Cobb School means to me and my family, so many emotions come to mind it’s difficult to put them into words.

From the moment I entered Cobb with my daughter, I could feel the love and compassion the teachers and staff had, not only for my child but also for me! After meeting with the admissions staff to discuss my specific concerns regarding my daughter’s growth, development, and academics, I immediately felt validated that my concerns were legitimate and for the first time in a long time I felt understood.

My daughter loves coming to school so much that she often asks to go on the weekends. She has enjoyed many enrichment activities at Cobb over the years and has made some wonderful friends along the way. It truly makes my heart so full to see her excited to learn and to share with me things that didn’t always come very easy for her. Focus, concentration, and creative writing used to be more of a struggle for my daughter. These days when she gets home from school, she sits down unprompted and reads books for her book group, solves math equations, and writes about a variety of topics.

Cobb has made me a better parent by giving me the tools I lacked to help my daughter learn and grow in a way that works specifically to meet her needs.”

– Amanda Malkowsi
Current Upper Elementary Parents


“As a family we have chosen to prioritize supporting Cobb financially so that the school can quite simply continue to be a force for good in the world.  We wish to do our part to help ensure that the resources necessary to support children academically, socially, and physically are there so the amazing teachers and staff at Cobb can continue to guide students to become good global citizens. The Cobb School truly sets the standard for educating the whole young child and we feel very lucky to be able to have our children growing and learning here and will continue to support Cobb financially.

The responsible, caring, and giving community at Cobb has ensured that my children are safe to develop into their most authentic selves while caring deeply about the world around them.”

– Jennifer Torres
Current Elementary Parent