24hr Giving Challenge
Feb 7th 2023

Thanks to You, We Met the Challenge and unlocked an additional $15!

 This year’s challenge was brought to us by our amazing Board of Trustees. They each contributed $1,000 to create a $15k matching fund. 

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What Giving Unlocks

2023 24hr Giving Challenge Bloopers

Amazing Experiences


Why does participation matter?

Community participation is a key part of the fundraising we do for several reasons. For starters, when we all pitch in a little, it quickly becomes a lot. But more than that, our community participation is a strong signal that we all believe in what we’re doing here at the Cobb School. This is an indicator to potential outside funders and grant providers that we are an engaged community, and they are more likely to donate themselves.

What is the 24hr Giving Challenge?

Three years ago, some of our oldest alumni came to us with a challenge. If our community could hit a certain # of donations, they would unlock a $5,000 donation. This proved to be a successful way to not only add to our Annual Fund but engage our community in the importance of giving participation. We have contributed to this tradition with new groups and individuals stepping up to challenge our community each year.

What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is the amount of money, on top of tuition, that we need to raise each year in order to cover our operating expenses. Like most independent non-profit schools, we must make up the gap between tuition and expenses each year through fundraising. This not only enables us to keep tuition as low as possible but helps diversify our funding sources to create longer-term stability for the school. The Annual Fund covers expenses like electricity, staff and teacher salaries, as well as all the amazing experiences like field trips and in-classroom activities your children enjoy throughout the year. We hope you will support the Annual Fund by contributing to the 24hr challenge!

Why not just raise tuition?

If tuition doesn’t cover the cost of operating the school, why don’t we just raise it? It is our goal to keep tuition rates as low as we can. This enables us to open our doors wider…accepting more students who may not be able to attend otherwise. This inclusion is so important to offering our students the broadest possible diversity of culture, thought, and experiences within our community. Have more questions? Please reach out to development@cobbschool.com.

Give what you can...even small amounts add up to make a big difference.

Donate Now

Every contribution adds up to make a big difference! Please donate to the 24hr Challenge by giving via this Donation form, or donate via Venmo by using the QR code below.

@cobbschool on Venmo


@cobbschool on Venmo

Venmo @cobbschool – In the memo, please include your name and 24hr Challenge so that we can attribute the donation to you.

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