Watch Montessori Madness!

Watch Trevor Eissler’s Fastdraw and find out why parents all over the world are choosing Montessori.

“My three children attend a Montessori school, and recently a fellow parent told me of her own bright, engaged, inquisitive son, who had attended …

What is a Montessori Elementary Program?

Montessori Elementary programs are growing throughout the world.  Montessori schools that once educated only Primary children are expanding into the Elementary and Middle years.  The Montessori Elementary curriculum is like none other.  Although schools of various bents have adopted elements …


Watch Daniel Petter-Lipstein’s Fastdraw and discover how this Montessori Madman is answering the big question in the national discussion on education.


Montessori and Independence with Jesse McCarthy

Are you interested in learning the basics of Montessori? In this article, popular educator, Jesse McCarthy, discusses Montessori education and how it helps children develop independence—both in school and at home.  Read Article

Freedom and Responsibility

By: Maral Firkatian Wozniak

The Montessori environment is extremely structured, but in a way that is distinctly different from that of a conventional classroom. To the untrained eye, it may even appear unstructured. Dr. Maria Montessori studied the behavior of